Top 20 Job Search Mistakes

  1. Using only one job search method
  2. Being unorganized
  3. Not having a schedule
  4. Having a negative attitude
  5. Low self-esteem
  6. Putting things off until tomorrow
  7. Spending a small amount of time on the job search
  8. Being unprepared for the job interview
  9. Being mentally of physically unfit
  10. Poor hygiene/grooming
  11. Applying for jobs for which you are not qualified
  12. Not having realistic goals
  13. Lack of ability to communicate your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  14. Lack of ability to adapt or change your job search
  15. Not maintaining records of your job search
  16. Unreliable references
  17. Lack of flexibility
  18. Looking for openings, not opportunities
  19. Not keeping everyone you know updated on your job search
  20. Leaving a poor paper trail

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