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Workforce Investment Solutions success is dependent upon our customers success.

We are proud of the following examples of a few of our success stories.


My story began 10 years ago, when I graduated High School. I grew up in a family that was always …Read More + helping others. I decided that I wanted to continue this trend by becoming a nurse. I began taking prerequisites for nursing school at a local community college. However, before I could complete these prerequisites and apply to nursing school, life happened. I got married, had a beautiful baby girl, and moved 16 hours away from my hometown. This too, however, did not turn out to be my forever path. I found myself back home, raising my beautiful baby girl on my own. I knew that returning to school was just the thing that I needed to do to be able to provide my daughter with the life that she very much deserved. While taking the next steps to make this happen, I very quickly discovered that the return to school was not going to be an easy one. And I was unsure that it was even going to be possible. I was faced with the cost of tuition and books, the cost of daycare, the cost of gas to and from school, and the reduction of work hours due to class my class schedule. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen. I had hope that I would get approved for a student loan. But even with a student loan, I was worried how I would take care of the other expenses that accompanied the return to school.
With the help from my family, I returned to school. I took the necessary prerequisites and begun the nursing program at Richland. Life was a struggle. And this struggle eventually led to the withdraw from the nursing program. However, I was not ready to give up. But this time, moving forward was pretty much impossible. The little help that I was getting, was not longer an option due to the withdrawal of classes.
This is when my luck changed. A dear friend that I had made in the nursing program asked me if I would consider Workforce Investment Solutions. I, of course, had so many questions as I had never heard of this company until then. I made a visit to the office. Making this visit changed everything. It ended up being the best decision I had ever made. I was greeted with both friendliness and respect. I was quickly set up with my very own case manager. All of my questions were addressed and I began orientation. Workforce more than exceeded my expectations. Not only did they assist in the cost of tuition and books, but they also helped to cover the cost of daycare, the cost of gas to and from school, and any supplies and uniforms that were required for school as well. Not only did this assistance make it possible for me to continue with my education, but it also helped to give my daughter and I somewhat of a normal life back while I completed the program as well. Life suddenly wasn’t such a struggle anymore. And I could never express how grateful I am for this. And I’m so sure that my daughter feels the same.
Workforce, along with my case manager, were also very much of a support system along my journey. Sherrie reached out to me frequently to assure that my experience was going well and that I did not have any needs. I was provided with all of the resources that I needed in order to succeed. And I absolutely knew that if anything were to arise, I could reach out and they would do anything they could to help. Sherrie was among the first choice of individuals that I notified when I passed my NCLEX. I received a heartfelt congratulations and was told how proud she was. This meant more to me than anyone would else would realize.
I am now fulfilling an LPN position at Carle Foundation Hospital on a surgical unit. I am helping others on a regular basis. But more importantly, I am providing for my family. My daughter is happy, healthy, and so proud of her Mommy for being a nurse! I couldn’t have accomplished this without the support of Workforce.
I will continue to recommend Workforce Investment Solutions and will also continue to work with them as I advance my career. My journey has not been easy, and it did not go as expected, but it is most certainly not over.
Thank You Workforce,
Michelle Kolesar

Michelle Kolestar


The WIOA Program has been so amazing. I went to MTI Tech School for my medical assistant and …Read More + graduated in December of 2019 even when I felt like giving up the WIOA program and my family was there to motivate me and keep me going and I really appreciate them for that I honestly don’t think I would’ve made it this far without the program. The program helps with a lot of things even helps with furthering your education. My case manager was Sherrie Manney and she does a great job at what she does. She does not play at all she is on you trying to help you achieve your goals and make sure you check in with her every month and she will make sure there is nothing you need. She has made my experience very outgoing and comfortable. The program made sure I had gas to get back and forth from Decatur to Springfield. Mrs. Sherrie made sure my grades stayed up and if she seen or felt I was slipping, I would go to project read which was also a great program. I hated math but when I got done with project read I was able to answer questions so quick with any math problem thrown my way. If I ever felt down it seemed like Mrs. Sherrie knew it seemed like those emails came right on time and I would let her know like this is starting to get overwhelming and she would speak encouraging words to keep me going and I thank her so much for that. I would highly recommend the program to anyone. No it’s not easy but anybody can make it through it. I have recently started a new job as a medical assistant working with Decatur Memorial Hospital and I love it. If I had to I would do it all over again with the same case manager and through the WIOA program. I literally let everyone who is trying to go back to school, I tell them to check the program out but all in all this has been an amazing journey and a wonderful experience.

Sedari Lasenby


I enrolled in the RN program at Richland Community College. I sought out Workforce Investments to …Read More + help me pay for my degree. The RN program is a hard program to complete. Workforce Investments gave me the peace of mind that my tuition and supplies for the program were paid for. This was a tremendous relief and I never had to worry about my expenses for school. After I graduated, Workforce paid for my pin for nursing, to take my NCLEX (boards), my fingerprinting and background check, and my nursing license. I am not getting ready to start my first job as an RN and Workforce is buying my first 3 sets of uniforms and any other supplies that are required for my new position. Workforce made getting my degree and the best start to my career possible!!

Laura Dieckhaus

Registered Nurse


Henry says that Workforce Investment Solutions means HOPE, because that’s what it gave him at a time …Read More + where he wasn’t sure what was ahead for his future. With 100% of his tuition, books and fees paid, the burden of paying for training was not on his shoulders.
The emotional support and encouragement from his Career Planner always came at a time when he needed it most and helped him with all that life threw at him. With the assistance from Workforce Investment Solutions, he now has skills for a successful career and is able to earn a self sufficient wage.
Henry wished to thank everyone at Workforce Investment Solutions and he said, “I couldn’t have done it without their assistance.

Henry Hill


In previous jobs, Aida showed initiative to learn and improve production, but now she wanted to earn …Read More + the skills necessary to advance her manufacturing career. Aida applied for Workforce Investment Solutions services, was selected and enrolled in the Accelerated Training in Manufacturing (ATIM) program and subsequently the NEG Manufacturing Sector Based training grant.
Aida was able to take training courses including the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) certificates, OHSA 30, numerous CNC courses, welding courses, and other manufacturing engineering courses at Richland Community College. Aida also took advantage of Project Read services, where she enhanced her writing skills without having to enroll in a remedial course.
Aida is on track to complete her Engineering Tech Degree in December 2017 and is thankful for the assistance she received from Workforce Investment Solutions. Aida says she enjoys working; she is an extremely hard worker and knows that her motivation and dedication to earning her degree will offer her more opportunities.

Aida Garcia


In May 2016, Phillip was able to obtain employment as draftsman/junior project engineer at Green …Read More + Valley Manufacturing, Inc, Mt. Zion, IL. Workforce Investment Solutions worked with Green Valley’s plant manager to create an On-The-Job Training (OJT) contract where Phillip would learn new training skills every 60 days for the next six months.
Green Valley also granted a flexible work schedule so Phillip could continue taking classes at Richland. Phillip’s supervisor Jason Rowcliff commented: “The OJT program is easy and efficient. Glad we are able to participate. Phillip is a quick learner and a good employee.” Phillip added: “The OJT program was structured where training goals were detailed for the six months. Every two months, when new skills were obtained, there was a monetary raise.

Phillip Stoneburg


Workforce Investment Solutions means that I have a support system – financially, educationally, …Read More + emotionally – to be successful in my career field.
Workforce Investment Solutions allowed me to be free of the financial barrier regarding books, uniforms, supplies, etc.

Rachel Pettit

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