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Workforce Investment Solutions success is dependent upon our customers success. We are proud of the following examples of a few of our success stories.


Henry says that Workforce Investment Solutions means HOPE, because that’s what it gave him at a time …Read More + where he wasn’t sure what was ahead for his future. With 100% of his tuition, books and fees paid, the burden of paying for training was not on his shoulders.
The emotional support and encouragement from his Career Planner always came at a time when he needed it most and helped him with all that life threw at him. With the assistance from Workforce Investment Solutions, he now has skills for a successful career and is able to earn a self sufficient wage.
Henry wished to thank everyone at Workforce Investment Solutions and he said, “I couldn’t have done it without their assistance.

Henry Hill


In previous jobs, Aida showed initiative to learn and improve production, but now she wanted to earn …Read More + the skills necessary to advance her manufacturing career. Aida applied for Workforce Investment Solutions services, was selected and enrolled in the Accelerated Training in Manufacturing (ATIM) program and subsequently the NEG Manufacturing Sector Based training grant.
Aida was able to take training courses including the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) certificates, OHSA 30, numerous CNC courses, welding courses, and other manufacturing engineering courses at Richland Community College. Aida also took advantage of Project Read services, where she enhanced her writing skills without having to enroll in a remedial course.
Aida is on track to complete her Engineering Tech Degree in December 2017 and is thankful for the assistance she received from Workforce Investment Solutions. Aida says she enjoys working; she is an extremely hard worker and knows that her motivation and dedication to earning her degree will offer her more opportunities.

Aida Garcia


In May 2016, Phillip was able to obtain employment as draftsman/junior project engineer at Green …Read More + Valley Manufacturing, Inc, Mt. Zion, IL. Workforce Investment Solutions worked with Green Valley’s plant manager to create an On-The-Job Training (OJT) contract where Phillip would learn new training skills every 60 days for the next six months.
Green Valley also granted a flexible work schedule so Phillip could continue taking classes at Richland. Phillip’s supervisor Jason Rowcliff commented: “The OJT program is easy and efficient. Glad we are able to participate. Phillip is a quick learner and a good employee.” Phillip added: “The OJT program was structured where training goals were detailed for the six months. Every two months, when new skills were obtained, there was a monetary raise.

Phillip Stoneburg


Workforce Investment Solutions means that I have a support system – financially, educationally, …Read More + emotionally – to be successful in my career field.
Workforce Investment Solutions allowed me to be free of the financial barrier regarding books, uniforms, supplies, etc.

Rachel Pettit